best viewed in 800x600 window and with MyPal Browser 29.3.0
Heyuri - Eenglish-language imageboard that attempts to emulate the feeling and style of the pre-2006 internet [LINK]
4chan - You know what it is ok [LINK]
Bitview - Video sharing website trying to emulate as much as it's possible 2009 YouTube[LINK]
Vidlii - Video sharing website behind the same team as BitView and Heyuri. It's more of a 2007 yt clone though, community is rly shit[LINK]
FriendProject - Recreation of 2005 MySpace, I like to use it[LINK]
SpaceHey - Vidlii for MySpace, but instead of racist animal abusers it has 12 year old girls that invented 9 new genders since i started to write this[LINK] - faithfull recreation of 2007 twitter, the one i use a lot, i'm going to write stuff here i swear![LINK]
EscargotChat - Fan server for MSN Messenger, Supporting every version till 2009 [LINK]
NinaChat - Fan server for (right now only) Yahoo Messenger, Behind the same people as Escargot, Still in Beta [LINK]
skipster1337's Site - Site of someone hiding under the nickname skipster, there is page that helps you use Windows XP in 2022 with no problems![LINK]
NeoCities - Freemium webhost and host of this site, A bit of GeoCities revival [LINK] - Freemium webhost simlar to NeoCities [LINK]
PhoenixAIM - Fan server for AOL Instant Messenger, It has InfoWars News feed for some reason lol [LINK]
Uboachan - Kinda dead imageboard about RPG Maker game Yume Nikki, there is also a working llink to download the game [LINK] - Internet forum for Anime, Hentai, Manga and other weeb shit [LINK]
Mypal Browser - One true Browser and the best one on Windows XP, should be your main one by now [LINK] - Personal site of Lolwut, the pear, the vidlii and bitview owner, and old skool 4channer [LINK]
Koshka Kingdom - Windows 98 user, real autist and Dragon Ball fan, site is big as fuck and i probably never see everything there is on it [LINK]
Nettalk - My IRC client of choice [LINK]
5channel - Largest japaneese textboard, better known under it's original name, 2channel [LINK]
2chan - First ever imgboard, inspiration for moot when he was creating 4chan, you need to be in japan (or use VPN) if you want to post [LINK]
The Pirate Bay - The biggest and the most well known torrent and piracy website [LINK]
Animate Archive - Neocities site that contains free to download versions of Macromedia Flash [LINK]
SoulseekQt - The best program to get music from, i use it on daily basis [LINK]
WinAMP - Classic music player, recently got an update, their site is so shit i need to link to direct download [LINK]
GOG Games - Second best game piracy site, it allows you to play every avilable GOG game [LINK]
Vimm's Lair - Best Video Game Rom's site, It deserves an unblock from adblock [LINK] - I was inspired to make this site because of him, rly great personal site [LINK]